Friday, January 3, 2014

Porn for the Ears....

The eardrum is a G-spot.
Bouncing sound straight to the heart and with only one intention:
A one-way ticket between the legs.
I am a driven disciple. I earn all the fervent reward,
Listening still, when even the dam threatened 'Break'.
I pour and pour until the swell begs collapse
It is all I know, to partner up to the rush of such echo.

Shoulder blades remain outwardly stoic
But inside, inside the tendons swim and ejaculate
Slow tension articulating to the orchestration of memory,
When salt of another's pores rained into my own.
I recall quite fondly, the swallowing of such energy.
The cascading venue of my bedroom,
Burned hot the memories of Love, unfolding.

This new sound that punctures my stillness
That fucks with my self-control
Has banged that door wide open, blasting the wood straight off its hinges
Demanding to remember the thrill of naked games.
When love was wet with each stroke and bent on enthusiasm...
These chords, once struck, vibrate long and without regret
Hitting notes within me that have long been held captive by the tightening of remorse.

This reverberating echo is changing me
Craving me... Masking the sharp edges of resolve, and
Quietly inundating me with longing that won't lie still.
My head is wrapped around my legs as my heart begs for a reason
And all the while, the lover in me lies dying
Unafraid of what may come as the result of another palm-to-palm encounter.

But virtue is my judge, and given all presiding factors-
Sees no benefit in venturing further.
The gavel bangs only in continual memory.
And though this composer bellows in daily-
Making love to my heart and mind-
The box still sits quietly, wrapped tight
Adhering to the intention of necessity.