Monday, September 5, 2016


Degrees, ratcheting up
Summer spells moisture
In wicked drips
From neck, to hairline and in between.
Process, processing; in this divided nature
The clucking of keys prompt EFI movement
"Virtual Plantation" thrives
How much coaxial cable wraps, unseen?
Pulsating with electronic code
Chugging bite after byte- hungry.


I digress.
Concerns interrupt
But the vault below
Still hoards a healthy stockade.
Those strands,
A hot, hot macrame
No signs yet-
Of loosening.
I'm craving that cycle
The fidgety hip
With jutting insignias
Pointed high in morning
Pitched tents- in heat.

I wonder-
Do the kidney's feel that warmth?
Can a liver discern arousal?
In the highway of such vast blood-flow
How far does the erogenous zone- extend?


In sets of two, a handful awaits
Nervousness tears at my waist.
Convinced of the magnetism
Between X and Y, my abnormalities soar.
Worse than a drunken state
To hide the dilemma pasted fast to my brain.
Disorderly momentum, truncating nothing
Whose garnering speed - builds harder.
I will drown these ancient suppositions.
This clotted breathing is coaxing chunks.

Late August...

For surely, the rest of me knows
When I am getting rubbed on the inside-
Those G-spots are wailing.
Does the rest of me too-
Hear the rustic cries of unsatisfied?
The parched whimper echoing when ovulation begs audience?
Turning up that heat
I am stricken by madness
To quell the snapping jaw
Of a mouth that needs feeding.
Wow. To write of the body's love
Its selfish wish to succeed
Who, I wonder, is stronger?
The will to want or the flexing muscle of restraint?