Sunday, September 30, 2012


Truth, long dead, yet- still living
I was once Cautious but Carefree
I understood the rush and promise
That all I now touch will burn me.
I walked towards and direct,
Angling the vessel of my soul
In unmistakable aim- to Him,
That wild heart of blatant contentment
He, the man whose gloves fought hard
To teach and relax in love,
All along with, the intent of Forever.

We kissed and soon, made 'whole' became memory
Delighted in heat and speeds of no limit
Travelling infinitely outward-
Fearing never- that shadow of 'beware'.
Introspection relieves my sorrow tonight
A time locked away still lives
He in I and I in Him... Though immaterial to touch
His unequivocal essence imbues my reflection
Visiting again, the expansion of my lungs
To provide eager proof that yes- Yes!
We 'Were' once, and ever again shall 'Be'
Alive in the making of new.

In rain or warm shower, fountainhead poured
Onto, down and throughout
The fluidity of how we loved- perfected.
In the daring of yesterday, my future was written
Fertilization took hold and severed that tryst
But- being careful to mark the heart with its brand
He tore away softly, in his wildest, angst-filled mess
And here now, tonight... so many years passed
And a pause once more for reflection
That whole once lost and transformed
Into two and then three and now this newest interpretation,
This organism of- Forever...

Until that time when again, without even the use of flesh
Palm to palm will again reside in a mixture
Of energies that once met-
Could and never would,
Allow themselves the right to forget.
This Modern heart is of Olde
From a time not lived, yet familiar just the same
Tongue's traipse into each other,
Tasting more than breath, earning, more importantly:
The flavor of 'rare' and within ardent promise
To again find time, to walk ahead without denial
And into, once more- what may be...

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I am distilled in the night air, removed from that place
Where once the stars were within plucking distance, and
My naked back, delighted in the tickle and familiarity of trust
I must get back to that plateau, where earthly delight was mute
And the cacophony of time evaporated, crippled in its meaning.

Stolen away, that warm whisper of midnight,
When the drumming of all exoteric murmur died down
The brunt of day holds noise, noise too true to insignificance that-
Night be employed to provide the perfect respite for all ache at high noon.
The relentless pursuit of the profligation of individualism, banished

The unhrehearsed composition that floats in weightless freedom
Daunts the mic of materialism, foreshadowing monotony and all things that bore
Unrestrained and wild, concurrent with the pollination of feeling and idea
I find greatest pleasure in pure thought, stripped of influence and flowing
Into, around and throughout, all cells and fiber of being.

There is method to every madness, no matter how silent or small
I am acutely aware; the nutrition of my reality buried no longer,
Unearthed and unruffled, goose down thrown out and away
Falling softly at random, to the tune of delicate sonnets
That amble from lips, long-kissed.

Sunday, September 16, 2012


Quibbling with the wind,
My invisible Muse gives no reason for why I should halt here,
Halt and take refuge from the onslaught of time.
He is warm above my skin,
Though touch is yet to be made a memory.
Thrown deep into the cavern of my existence,
The sound of him rests, for he lives within me now-
Echoing in brooding companionship.
We are One, on levels that know no finite depth
Escalating ever upward toward that interplanetary ride...
Coalescing on this path, roaming has predicated purpose
Even throughout all transitional breathing, we continue to climb
Aching for the candor in our contiguous union,
For therein lies, all fruit from past labor
A future melded, multitudinous-

Monday, September 10, 2012


I'm tipped in, pouring
This slow emptying is gratified
Obligatory by choice
Given- in angst, purity, all.
Heated needle of finite rule
Poked and praying-
For this, to never end.

Thursday, September 6, 2012


...and through the window, I moved
Reflected too, was the shadow you cast.
I slid that clear blue stone, slowly over
This vacant finger
Wondering to myself-
How much longer before the reflecting animates another...
The vacuum is ever-widening, within which
Voices cease whisper, too fast they pass through the night
Lunging into more dark
'Catch me...'

Blind in the diffusion of light
Slabs of barren surface
Beating like a human heart.
What system can save
The economy of love...
Such rhetoric conceives only boredom
Then too, a shot of adrenaline
Familiarity sliced through from behind.
An old friend comes to steal my confusion,
Tis a good thing- to bask in that heavy octave.

Refrain begets reprieve
I chew gum to silence idle chatter
That star that looms, some 19 years running,
Awaits the day for the vortex to hit:
Upward, aspiring into forever
No textile of man to accompany this bliss
The windy feel of long hair
Blowing in dark mist
That time to come- never ages
So too, as skin fades and eyes twinkle brightly
Wisdom gives birth.

For one last time-
Light enters energy,
...and through that thick pillow of achievement
A locking 'click' resounds.
Smoke issues freely, in reverence
Grey plumes float weightless
This one last quest, completed
As opposing forces co-join
Set free by what they've come to know
As Whole.