Saturday, April 27, 2013


Wading in again, hoping for something more
To be courageous enough to push away from the safe, loose gravel
Multicolored and forgiving in its camouflage
The delicately rippling surface is sending secrets
I look away as though to promise myself that I am unaware
But all too well, I know the routine; I'm here for hope.
I sift through the unknown as well as I do any known comfort
Kissing whispers into the path they form, unscripted and free

That tall, thick and solid hum is vibrating in its chest
Patiently awaiting the nothing that anticipation brings-
Seeking instead, the constant quote of self:
Truth in waves, further and further they lap against shores unseen
Clean air comes with penned reminders of who is living here
What shadow cast leaves room for assumptions? None,
For within the collected down of ostrich strokes
Parchment sings of many years yet to be written upon
And of love that grows deeper even in the absence of a nest.

The smell of something close and trusted
The warm crook of a wise and understanding yesterday
A yesterday that smiles longer in the evening, as memories stretch and yawn.
Love turns darker shades within the aged moonrise
The midnight clouds travel slowly,
Painting portraits in the glow of its soft focus
Naked reprieve has taken this lifetime,
Allow these tumbling limbs the long flex of relax
 As muscles unfold, skin composes sonnets
Too rich with longing and filled with need, poetic justice is a mime

I like this place, where gravity carries a comprehensive role
I'm jettisoned in quietest haste, and with eyes adjusted to the indigo moon
I feel energy that imbues a concerto of reward
A payoff that leaves me lathered in a care so great,
The skeletal region need no longer exist to uphold the soul inside
Tendons renewed and relaced, into a muscular system that now pumps in perfection
Renewed in the soaking of Springs that carried the high quality of standards held.

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