Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Encrypted, Encased, Engraved...

Vociferous agony floats
Poking at limbs
Encrypted in Patience.
Slow motion slices through
Tension that slips, omniscient

Time holds the memory
Hidden delicately away,
Encased in iron and boneless intention.
Engraved with purpose, conviction
A Lingum of the Ages.

I am hungry.
Weakened not,  from coital loss
With a trigger finger of greatest strength
Aligned with enough Pause...
To last a fuckin' Lifetime.


Flesh grows tired of morality's conflict.

Digging into hindquarters that sit idle-
Flexed and frustrated.

Soon, yes soon, soon what?

More waiting?

Perhaps an application
A vacancy filled...


Doubt is more a statement than a question.

Doubt harboring daily for the reasons to hold fast.

I am stuck fast where I need to be,
Steering away from hysteria
Of the like that is sure to disorient

Disorient and rob me of decency.
Such a proclamation
To point the well-articulated finger at my weakness.
The petulant accused is bored stiff
Tiring in this limbo of self-imposed loss.

The diet from man is thinned beyond recognition
To stand shoulder to shoulder would singe my knee-caps

Slander my nape...

Ravage my heels...


Enough for tonight,
Sleep comes not softly and that 3am gavel
Bangs relentlessly.


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