Tuesday, September 9, 2014

'The Fault in the Keys'

The rain dance within the daydream is not entirely imagined
Rather, remembered. Significance in meaning, warm shower descending.

Elbows propped on knees, hands capped at the bend
What ideas are fumbling through, in a mind that keeps more to itself than it speaks
Walking through days with scuffed up knees, I am sharing less
And shouting more.

Detachment evolving on a regular basis
The stipend paid is costly, minutes in the distance
I know, are slowly forming hours that will sink away time
Quietly eradicating longevity.

And the guardrail grows ever-stronger.

I am smelling the energy of articulated limbs through plastic;
Even if I licked the wrapper of assumption
With intent to suck and savor its 'made to love' contents
I am still tasting nothing but what little memories afford

History 108: here, ignorance is bumbling about in the dark
Immigrants know more than the half-stuck mind of entitlement
Where here, a man belts facts out that rustle my eardrums.
 While the rest of us wonder, "Are we all trapped in this cycle of spin"?

The abstraction of the morning leaves my coffee covered tongue trapped
Dicking around in an alley of indecision
With painted nails and layered hair
My 41 year old body asks, "When............"?

And POOF! Just like that, the warm shower descending turns to ice
To curb the sweat that coats the untouched skin.

This muggy Tuesday morning is laboring
From sleep that didn't come soundly,
The makings for discrimination assemble themselves
Looking to crack the resilience
Of a mind bent on virtue.

The fault in the keys is a likely story
So again, I turn to my preferences
And pour the abstraction of my nonsense
Onto paper and its pristine privacy.......................

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