Wednesday, March 11, 2015

...yanked far back

Hunting resilience with a bow and arrow made of glue
Rubber knees, gesticulating ineffectively
The grandeur of my incompetence is opulent, orgasmic
Orgasmic - Hmm, a choice word
Yes, for it is delirium that has piqued
Puckered ass, without a brace for what's coming
A kick and fuck to wail into eternity
Of the blessed loss of fiduciary branding.
Cathartic catharsis, not enough well-intentioned anything
...can swerve me from this wrongdoing.

I suppose, I suppose, I suppose - enough
Why can't what I imagine serve to suffice all I pursue?
I'm climbing forwards into a sea of heat
Hues of red, magnetized to bone marrow
Gnawing these limbs for a year, in purgatorial wait
Stock, boiled from sweat and spent pores
Bloated energies burst in a millisecond
Transpiring to evolve, yet yanked far back
Before any real ground gained, boneless feet go nowhere.

I am hiding.
Hiding from a rocky sea that backhands my face
Salted, rippling surfaces, implore me to act
To trim away moping tendencies and wake instead
Alongside arms that understand temporal pleasure.
Love: Aged, wise in caress, longstanding in flavor
Twirling still, the grey hairs earned
Admiring daily, the compelled need to stand tall
Softening taut spines that ache for affection
Within the duty-bound day.

I am bruised in my method, flawed theories tear
Ripped in several places as I mend one hole to form another
I want to place the menacing hands I own-
Away from the unforgiving fire of distrust
Into rough and learned palms, seeking as I do,

That world of slow-pulsed delicacy.

The intimacy hung between long-cured affection
Blisters in a distance-bound union.
Venturing out from my cavern of safety and impermanence
Is something that I must do
If I am to give myself the afterlife I long for...
To make memories that glow hot among the living
While fire yet backs loins and tongues
And ghosts can die out - smiling...
Carted away at sunset, amidst the glow of soft reminiscence.

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