Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A Season of Care

In loving
We let go.

Skinless, unprepared
Open to the disease of ache
A toothless time, with much to chew.

We are nowhere
Splayed into the nothing.

Clocked at a numberless rate
Passing no remnants
As there are none to give,
None to feel,
None to coax nearness
Into the blackened dawn.

In every doorway,
...into which love forms
Accountability breeds remorse
No 'past' barring future
Was ever worth its 'truck'.
And he asks,
"Be patient with impatience"

Nirvana - torn.

Vertigo of thorns
Tearing into pores that long leak
For a reason to spew sweetness
In a Season of Care.

Love corrals kindness
Respect... Decency.
A courtship of interest
The best basis for that Golden Year

When grey hair molts- comfortably
Held by the hand of another.

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