Tuesday, November 29, 2016

'His Momentum'

Blue sky above,
Made beautiful in the nowhere
Ocotillo melodies unfurling
Festooned in a stupor of punch drunk love.
Walk, walk away from the group
Into the path of nothing before me
Nothing but the trail of scent,
Left for his attentive grasp

“I see you, I see what you’re doing…” “..and I know exactly why…”

Tongue dive at midnight,
Into the swollen holes
Of all that we drove insane
Parachute walls, capturing that glow
Of privates that prowl
On the inside, on the inside, on the inside- OUT.
That was the beginning of a decade of fuck.
And the sweetest fuck it was.

“Open your legs…”

I remember that divine 2am crawl
And the hip gripped hard
Those hands that handled the hornets nest
Of all those mewling desires.
Bore the weight, the weight; the prize.
The fullness of limits pushed further
Dropping back down to the atmosphere
Having spent everything on his momentum.

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