Saturday, September 24, 2011

...beyond measure

The weathered heart is weightless
Though the leather exterior is tough, puncture looms
And yet for all my ramblings, Love still courses through
Stitched and restitched, woven- wild
The drills of days previous lighten in intensity
Forgiveness now claims their aftertaste.
I shag the dead weight of yesterday
Whether I moved an inch or ten
Today's muscle is unique to this moment
I commandeer that instant any way that I can
Some days less tough, some days- more
My compass has wiggle room
Even when I curse its bastard mistakes.
I split myself in two, the stronger Soul- made stronger
The weaker... slumped over and still
The two shake from this departure,
-each from the loss of the other
And two steps out from that cocoon of 'self'
Toes turn and reunite...
Stronger strength and weaker deficiencies
They are bonding further;
Tighter, useful...clean.
Console yourself in times of trouble
Be the back and the burden
United in hope.
This idea of 'One'
Holds appeal beyond measure.

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