Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The 'If'.

I'm cornered, concerned
Fixated on 'direction'
Any...? Which...? Where...?
I have roles to play,
Standards to meet
...and vices that need smashing
Yet here I am today,
Bound by nothing but a circumstance
A number, a name... A 'case'.
I want nothing of these things,
No assistance, no freebie, no handout
I want emotional sustenance
Reinforced confidence and especially-
Especially security.
I want to grab ahold of 'The Right Thing'
And swing it high into the sunshine
How plausible is this wish...
Its foundation will run as thick and sturdy as I create it to be.
I pair to no one in this lifetime
I am my own private entity,
And though this ship of one gets lonesome-
I have but myself to blame
When the going gets tough.
I rely on me and having said that...
I set about working on the the 'when'
As opposed to the 'if'

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