Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Oh, the slow blinking eyelid
Filled with cream, it slides down
Saturating the ocular portal
Dilating pupils declaw themselves
Myopic in their motive.
For therein lies an hour
With each muted flutter of shutter

As lashes protect,
Each, its own entity
In deep love, they have fallen
From the angle they inhale
Select to the scope of themselves.
Tunnel in their vision, they
Wander in unison
Taking in with each perception
A dialect- unknown.

The eye, without ear
Understands each sound.
The eyes without touch-
Feel every tantalizing skim,
For fingertips whisper too,
As they graze in assumption
Of what the gut now shouts.

The skin- each pore though blind
Can see the beating heart
...and all V8 of its power.

Thickness of the 'Human Will'
...along with everything unsaid
Polarizes 'need'
Where growling starvation intensifies.
That magnet draws life where it is dying
Dying to be seen...

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