Sunday, October 30, 2011

- you see...

I woke and felt loss
Loss for lost security
Security that had padded itself down, undetected.
Undetected and now, revealed in the aftermath.
Aftermath, apocalyptic in its damage
Damage unaccounted for.
For I have fucked my life up- you see.
See here how I took little comfort in the 'leery' side of life
Life that has shed skin and persevered despite
Despite the painstaking awareness.
Awareness that rosy-colored shades can become tolerated
Tolerated for the greater good of all components now lost.
Lost to a cess-pool of indifference
Indifference, consternation, cowardice, caprice
Capriciousness...such a lively word, with sinewy meaning
Meaning, that in this instance I would trade had I the time
Time to rewind and make better
The decisions of these tomorrows.

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