Wednesday, June 27, 2012

'Drawn Bow...'

I am whirling amidst the rumble of mainstream trivialties
Cooing for a lateral break.
Momentum building in every bended elbow,
Each tendon that reaches for stretch, clinging to 'further'.
A cumulus mass of finite boundaries, seeking to split fissures that lie hidden
Amidst the break of circumstance, there awaits exotic tangibles.

Canines become fangs within that blessed assumption of 'What if...'
Eyebrows that arch back like a drawn bow, furthermost tension taken
Looking to redeem all stagnating, muscular ache.
I long to be taken back to the birth of my carnal awakening
Peeled to the bone, when marrow became one with my senses
...and 'trusting myself' was alone- my greatest ally.

My needs are compact, stored away, at bay... contained.
I coddle their existence and contemplate greatness
The idea that collaborating with another may free me from the oblivion of my loneliness-
Is horse-shit.
What I need to do is snip my own reticent cables
That leave me bound to insignificant ideals.

Set sail on this ocean of self; a new quest revealed
Tickling fancies that flow freely, without the concept of 'undeserved'.
I am well deserved of all I tow within my wake these days,
Having paid the dues of thousand painful yesterdays, my heart remains true-
Resilient, intensified, grown stronger in length and breadth


Evermore stout in its will to love.

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