Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Slowly fallen away, encased still to thicker degrees
Warmed by latest events, sense of self is refining
I need the gentle tapping on my hide-
It sets free those jailed assumptions that lurk
Seeking to fuck me.

Shoulders that strain beneath stoic indifference
I know the substrates that fall in line-
Layer after layer of invisible intrusion
The gossip of my fear-bound willingness is
Loud & overbearing...

I want to kill hesitation
I want to suffocate reservation
I wish to drown limitation
and divorce in solemn commitment-
The woe of the 'judged'.

Knotted veins continually choke
There is purpose in all that past offense
The balancing out of yesteryear will penetrate my tendons
My thickened skin- elasticized
Ready for ALL, 'wear & tear'.

I am yesterday: once wept and forgiven
Though the memory I hold now vibrates in freed relief
I am today too, standing tall in sporadic confidence
High on the prospects of the wish to 'move on'
Broken: behind me, repaired in understanding.

I am tomorrow, filled with promise; North & ever searching
I have sterilized all hidden paths that long to ensnare my progress
For after all, the 'sense of self' can be that rusty blade, craving to poison
My weakness is a part of me, understood and given due
Learned in detail, four decades worth of study

I am alive in the Now, knee-deep in my psyche
Examining the simple details of the beauty in life
The smile of my child, a curly ponytail, and
The profound happiness of a Popsicle in the Summertime
Soft & easy, warm, continual...

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