Friday, August 3, 2012


We are estranged; Myself and I
Demagnetized compass with little effort for anything
My ears have been hushed
Eyes, blinded
Mouth, strapped shut
Collectively, my senses march-
In revolt of You.
And yet, you've done nothing;
Which is worse?
Nothing to prevent?
Nothing to stop?
Well, know when to say when
The 'You' in each case-
Is Me
The 'I' I loathe to connect with;
To assert and nod in favor (or out)
Of anything.
There is nonsense one either side of the lines,
Fuck what's in between.
Dissecting language holds no answers
Only creative ways to stamp the envelope
That I continually mail out, with intent to
It is, as always and after all-
Addressed to me.
Pretending the destination is unknown;
The intent holds a clause
Asterisk beware
For here within my mind frame,
You hold indefinite employment.
Read, read away
But at your own risk.
This disease is a divisive one
I mock and call my own-
Out of hiding and once remittance gains value,
A foot to the face;
My 'literal limberness' has no shame
An adjective I caress
As when it's time for paining my faults,
I am good, oh so good.
Plagiarism knows nothing on these essay's
They are akin to all my own
Granting pristine description as an ode in 'attempt'
Yes, yes, I attempt to define
Through grotesque measure
How I want to grab and annihilate
All that cripples me.
For you see,
Only within acknowledgement will I truly grasp the concept
Of how to understand and then negate
All that ails me.

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