Thursday, August 9, 2012


As the deep and moody night fell into me
All memory was hushed to a catacomb
Made new once more, through the darkened hour
Nouveau interest came over me and for the first time,
Art became song; slow, natural, methodical. I listen & long for more
Listened to the quiet wind that followed a soft path over my shoulders
Resting slightly for a seconds pause near that place where a heart still murmured.
Soon, a sweet serenade came into focus and with eyes closed
My fingers once more, found their way into the night; to a new medium, a new cause.

Into the room my fingerprints float and
Through minuscule motion, grand movement is heard
Tickling that curiosity of how without sight so much color is seen
Through sound and scent alone, my body hears foreign tongue's
Complexities that somehow, now, gain confidence through comprehension
Aligned with perfect interpretation, I feel further into this indigo moment;
Seeking nothing, laid open to the night as a pupil without conditioning.
Soon, the pride of physical prowess is revealed; silent characters come alive

Muscles toiling daily whose purpose is to remain buried
Waltz forward in delicate haste, to be granted impulsive audience is divine
As though to smoke from their heated release, tendons too lack pretense
There is time here for all to grasp everything needed, reinvention is at hand
Balance and Alignment will now be the new plots on this map of One;
Foremost and forthwith, the saturation of all senses will be granted
Living in this moment has been a virtuous journey, earned through difficulty
Achievement has been studied and made note of, with the direct intention of 'Now'.

Bathing in cool night air has cleansed my rusted articulation, pure privacy; Trust.
For who is there to doubt that these needs exist or hold meaning?
Thoughts of the like are barren and for good cause; extinction finds its way to uselessness.
Thrown long over the shoulder of never looking back, I disengage those possibilities
The energy of who I am was born alone and into that concept I'll need no further coercion
Swelling towards that climactic outcome is a glory all my own to bask in
Given due is, after all, the softest wish of any suppressed pleasure that obeys restrict ordinance.
And I do, O how I do obey.

The lost moments of every day are catalogued and into that strongly bound manifest, they wait.
There are days for the taking when reluctance even dies down...
To be heard is the involuntary wish of that cosmos that lie within
Snuffed, hushed & beaten away is the desperate bitch of a housewife, to my own rampant dedication
Too loyal will some day, gratify the diamond forming in every rough.
Blackest coal strips away itself to reveal what has been earned under duress and pristine loyalty.
Karmic laws indeed have their own machinations to uphold, that omnipotence is untouchable
And when that time comes for lone wolves to roam free, the howl will come from within.

The only duty from that point on, will be to run on soft paws made sturdy
Through earned respect and trust.

Again, eyes closed, this foreplay of thought bristles under the cool new morning
For night has fallen away once more but not without gifting its essence;
Through lucid tutoring, the active mind made to wander of its own accord, grows anxious
Dreaming throughout the waking day has opened the consequence of how best to approach intention
I take the seed of toil & time and today begins a new internship; to follow through in dual purpose.
There will come a time when that howl is heard, the wild in me awakened once more
Distant lands with distinct purpose will become the ground I tread upon
Seeking nothing but the day ahead and the feeding of all five senses with my sensitivity- returned.

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