Thursday, September 6, 2012


...and through the window, I moved
Reflected too, was the shadow you cast.
I slid that clear blue stone, slowly over
This vacant finger
Wondering to myself-
How much longer before the reflecting animates another...
The vacuum is ever-widening, within which
Voices cease whisper, too fast they pass through the night
Lunging into more dark
'Catch me...'

Blind in the diffusion of light
Slabs of barren surface
Beating like a human heart.
What system can save
The economy of love...
Such rhetoric conceives only boredom
Then too, a shot of adrenaline
Familiarity sliced through from behind.
An old friend comes to steal my confusion,
Tis a good thing- to bask in that heavy octave.

Refrain begets reprieve
I chew gum to silence idle chatter
That star that looms, some 19 years running,
Awaits the day for the vortex to hit:
Upward, aspiring into forever
No textile of man to accompany this bliss
The windy feel of long hair
Blowing in dark mist
That time to come- never ages
So too, as skin fades and eyes twinkle brightly
Wisdom gives birth.

For one last time-
Light enters energy,
...and through that thick pillow of achievement
A locking 'click' resounds.
Smoke issues freely, in reverence
Grey plumes float weightless
This one last quest, completed
As opposing forces co-join
Set free by what they've come to know
As Whole.


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