Saturday, November 9, 2013

Rhetoric, Expanding...

Tongue is tied
Riddle, unsolved.
Rhetoric, expanding.
Yes, so what if I understand
The lessening never appears.
Yes, so what if deep down, it's unfounded?
The patina of piss left behind is unchanged
I can roll these fingers relentlessly
Within the continued bark of this bite
What good has it, will it, can it- done/do me?
I am cloistered in my irrelevance
Darkened permanently from the stigma of elsewhere
Deficiencies grown from emotional rot,
Leaked near me, and I became host to the despair of another.
But, too true, how often can coincidence suffice?
Think not of the lesser, life discriminates EVERYWHERE
You need only possess the capacity to be infected by it-
To buy into its greed.

I am ugly- personified
 I beat into every layer of sensitivity
Pummeled from all angles, inside and out.
Therapy for these contusions roams aloft
On a smooth sea of unrealistic ideals.
This is why and where, the muse gains ground
In this immaterial plane, safety exudes
In a place where potential floats
Awakened to every unnatural bend and contortion
Here- I am perfect,
In all the certainty of my faults
I wiggle away from shady concealment
Warmed in my naked, unworried release
Laughter and the splatter of bullshit both cease to exist
The ache of confinement eases immediately free
I take control of nothing, as the rules of nothing surround me.

This imaginary world where the language is inaudible
I grow ever-loved and admired.
I reflect only acceptance from every exit wound I bare
I am oozing with confidant love
In this place, on any given day
I am gifted by unnatural belief, that hidden deeply within
That soul that dares to see
Can look with open eyes,
At all the experience my pain has afforded me-
And continue in quiet haste, cradling my Being.

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