Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Ripped like a band-aid
Stuck good, stinging.
Arguing silently
Finger-pointing tsunami
Of time lost in space

Not the space of outer limits
Goading moments filled with waiting
That space lingering
Between planned action
And coerced externalities.

Well fuck those gooey needs
That taint the glow of bliss
Unable to float on the puffy love we made
While time was locked within us
Breathing back and forth
Into-out-around-through-and away...

I am there, in the antithesis of your disdain
Lounging around in uneasiness
You force me to articulate new moons
Shedding muddy light onto the glow
Of our corduroy blanket
Covered in salt and sand.

Sturdier fabric exists
But fuck the hunt for something 'else'
I wanted you, cloaked in your strong stoic silence
The sleeping you, that relaxed beneath my palms
A man that understood the reasoning behind being 'careful'
Even when I understood nothing myself.

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