Tuesday, September 1, 2015


There is, was, has and will continue to be
New glue in this binding,
The spine is widening
Allowing leniency -
Allowing Love.

A new chapter

Catering confirms
Conformity to the heart -
A slab of strong, newly extracted clay
Constructed of malleable, fresh, pink cells
Boldly promotes the backbone of Love.

Co-piloting success

Coax, quiver.. quickened beat
Blood cells brighten
In decadent ode
Valentinian musk - everywhere
I'm drinking every drop that spills into me
This is mischief
This is murder

Risking precious mileage
Virtuosic perfection
Choked by the boldness of  charm
Willingness parades in finest threads
That in this daring... Love be found.

To lie in wait
Belies the waiting

Flowers bloom, bursting
Pollen Ejaculates triumphantly
Swirling potent chromosomes
Into all the air I'm breathing;
Sucking. Soaking. Filling up.

Juice to hydrate, quench and glide
Into the salty sea below us

His body, flush with my hands
His smell, controlling each sense
His voice, barreling quietly through his chest
Into my loving heart, filled with distraction
And the glow of our perfect, silvery moon.

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