Monday, November 9, 2015


Hand in hand, go the doubt and envy
Into the dream of what nightmares are made.
The lusted trust snapped vigorously away
Robbed, but of what..?
Something, I suggest, was never really mine.

I want to scream, so I do
So fucking quietly so as not to disturb the Peace
The peace of an unsettling sleep-scape
That lingers long into the waking world
Into the sea of difficulties that I designed

This pattern is aged, tasteless, rife with burden
Yet I infuse more of its crooked vulnerability
Sucking in the dysentery of what I know to be intolerable.
Oozing in a vat of chilly, prick-filled impotence
Grabbing useless heat that darts closely to tease

Fucking me between the eyes with vibrant glee
This teasing, this dreaded fucking taunting-
This cock-sucking willingness has turned my mouth dry
A tongue, wagging away from the opportune time
When the taste of an erection would've gone down so good.

Who the fuck did I think I was, readying my wares for spoil?
Foolish, inconsiderate, weakened at the knees..the nose..the heart
Auto-Erotic Immune Deficiency Syndrome has screwed me again
Without the benefit of bearing the brunt of its pummeling
I want to sweat through these dilemmas, weighted down the right way

To get fucked this hard without relishing the soreness through memory
Clowns the heart, clouds the mind, crowns defeat,
Punishing willingness and optimism for the wind in their sails.
Rip away the Velcro bulls-eye from this box, this box, that for a time-
Considered and suggested that making love might have been the answer.


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