Monday, November 9, 2015


We, we are powerless for all our forewarning.
We move according to what our deepest attractions will allow
We are hungry, made of appetites built to feed.
We will eat when elbows rise to push hands into skin
Skin that beckons, ' mine...'

Fingertips forming fire
Fusing full frontal
Forgiving foreign foreplay
For freeing what has been long-locked
Locked into the deprecating land of spoiled limbs.

Limbs, licked long
Love, limber, lingering
Lavished, longingly, loquaciously
Luminous actions advance without doubt
Now is the time to come clean and say yes, yes to this place of fresh invitation.

Who are we to question intuition?
Who am I to doubt what I know to be true?
Who put the brilliance of youth away, fearful but willing?
Who was I Friday, pretending to forget that I could recognize that familiar beast?
Today I breathe deeply, for things I had forgotten that I now feel, returning.

Energy - living, breathing, ready
Excitement -  building, moving, waiting
Engaged - pointing, revealing, chosen
Evaporating - shameless, connected, agreeing
I am allowing the interlocking of new shapes to form, riddles- get in line

Heat, harboring hardness
Hand-holding, hoping, heaving
Haste, hollowing, haranguing
Heard, hesitation... Here.
Overcoming dusted ball & socket joints, to open and say,




"I am headed your way"

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