Thursday, February 11, 2016


Wading through confusion, the bumble of indecision slurs.
Not all memories litter about like half-buried shards of shrapnel
Some are gentle, soft, warm, and cloaked in chiffon
They strike a bilingual balance among the halls of memory,
Recollecting clutched files that remain, regardless of their waning condition.

Warping egos fight to remain waxed in their arrogant brilliance
The arm's length here is long, strong, vigilant in its awareness
No more mountains to plant in light of the current 43 year old path
I've deliquesced enough valuable momentum into the drumming of futility.
Here I strike a new bargain, to eradicate the noise of indifference in thick gilded permanence.

I am plugging into the gentility this morning, to rinse myself of wretched tenseness
Taught shoulders wreak havoc on a neck that has harbored for too long, tensile sluggishness
I think to dream of lush acres in this 'now' is wise, as that is becoming my vitamin of today,
To strike a tactile agreement between these longitudinal muscles and the masculine form
I am running out and away from the strain of my usual gesticulation, and into something 'else'.

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