Thursday, February 4, 2016

Outside - In

Devout - in a word, has reached its tenure
Ever encrypting all others from its echelon of distinction
For what more can be said to scare away the permanency
Of the loss that consumes every square inch of detailed need.
Devoutly devoured by definition and order of history's ruling

Of all the many voices that solitude has to offer
It is the skin's calling that crawls with most defeat
Like a well-fed baby, stripped of its confidence
The lover in me wails for more milk.
Ripped and thrown adrift into a sky without sun..a sea with no blue
Into a land full of waste, without even rubble to kick away in mindless boredom.

Tying instead, knots of restlessness, threaded with resistance
Deserving this choked essence has become something I strive for
As the league I find myself in delineates what I have become
By measure of what gravity has bequeathed to me.
Pricked fingertips, bruising this place.. this place of homeless warmth
A warden to the disfigurement of what I have become.
Gaining vigorous momentum as I let go of the point and resign myself to what I am.

I am eating myself from the inside - out

The educated consensus to this planet of one- rotating in diligence
Fails to glean warmth imbued kindness from as far back as day 1
Nothing I say makes sense, so it stands to reason that I keep speaking
The garbled junk tumbling from my mind into my cognitive trunk
Feeds into the restlessness that has uprooted patience infused understanding
And beaten back the act of 'consideration' itself,
And for now, flippantly wags a middle finger in my face. Maybe...
Just maybe, I should eat myself from the outside - in.

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