Thursday, April 7, 2016


Strong in my strength
Or strength in weakness?
Which have I invested?
Catering to this idea
The morning is moot.

Breathe in between notions,
As the lingo here seems to lack
Notions? Having labeled as such
Importance careens South
Outward, as neglect rejects worth.

How much more indecision will I swallow?
Swallowing, swallowing, always swallowing.
Divisive fevers infect esteem
Sanity, poked until pressure
Captures the flag of focus

I want to hide everything in riddles
Camouflage the quotient to falter
When I know the potential for greatness
Continues to wait in patient graciousness
Fuck this abhor-able proficiency

Broken behavior must be bashed
Beaten until the willingness to challenge restraint
Yields a more controlled vessel
I've been told to focus on what is good
And here I sit, in continual denial.

I am bored with all the words I use,
There is restlessness seeping out
Exhalation drags repugnance to every exit
Somewhere, the fighter in me skids to look back,
Dying to beat hesitation with both fists.

How many fuckin ways can I elaborate
The fuckin toxicity that engulfs me?
And I want to fuck it into oblivion
Fuck. I want all my 'F' words close
Because there is no greater fucking emphasis

He keeps telling me to see what he sees.
How much longer will I stay blind?
Let us not jade ourselves here into thinking that
The only one I'm fucking
Is myself.

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