Thursday, April 7, 2016

Screws, Remixed.

Today, I daydream of gravel and warm sun
Barefoot when I wasn't, amidst the smell of soapstone, lakewater
and driftwood.

I am wearing Frahm on my skin
Trickling, drizzling, ears, channeling
Negotiating a truce
To rectify recent months, and flush them into the land of 'lost'.

Southwest breezes have found me, commitment to memory endures
Black-eyed Susan's and bumble bees punctuate peripheral memory
I live high in this time of transported bliss, recompense the tenseness
Muscles, relax.

Screws, 'remixed' has folded itself in firmly
Cells inside me are bumping, liquid smooth in this relaxed cognition
The mind of my interior is collaborating with the health of happier thoughts
Flushing, frisking, burning off the scabs.

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