Sunday, December 4, 2016


Layered in the way I design
Kind in the way I choose
Caring in the methods I know best.
Opened, Guarded, Inventive, Aware.

Sunshine soaks to skins
Leaves, drinking in
Spoils to none left needing
Vermilion,  Jade, Cerulean, Lamp.

Axis spun to Recognize;
To Realize; To Rationalize; To Rectify
Released, flown up and towards
A heaven without limit.

Motion, Motion, Motion, Motion
Gliding into these Rhythmic times
Rewarding, becoming- Religious.
Promoted, Practiced, Harmonized, Habitual.

I sway forward, wrapping hands in the 'Yes' word
I am open for business, and carving clean
The carcass of the lost, among the greying tones inside:
The Opalescent Dreaming- Revealed.

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