Friday, December 2, 2016


When last we stood tall together
Well rounded and spoken for
That black patent leather was shiny and new
Scuff-less, sock-less, sexy.
I know the type, where the shape ends
And lingers... Thicker when undressed.
Prominence is providence
It takes a heavy hammer
To plow down the nail.

Full set, surrounding sweet whites
Bearded for the cause
The cause of the chasm, to get
Lick- Lick- Lickety split.
"Higher Love..." ...wait for it
Beacon of beauty, spelling truths in liquid
Poured into drums- effectively
Sent in to round out and ricochet
All I am feeling.

I am the sinkhole for your charms
To repeat every word indubitably
You are forming circles inside
Connecting infinite seeking
With swift action.
From what world do you hail
With your silver-lined throat?
I seek now to find more action
Sinking self into sweaty segways

Until we see each other next
And I listen to the feel of your pulse
I crush the need to act with action
Pushing out from languid repose.
Sweeping wide, swigging more lore
From your effervescence
And foreign glory.
Come again soon, that I may find twice
The need for you- in me.

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