Sunday, January 1, 2017

"I Crave News..."

Day one, much reminiscence.
I steady the sway of these trade winds
Swirling close to everything I feel.
The swapping of energies to experiences

Awesome change is living nearby
At the ready, always, elbowing up
Gritty choices, to swing in favor of the challenge.
I live to see how much more I can prevail upon.

Near me I see, the landing of sentiments made
Ingrained to my psyche in the most indelible way
The Lone Wolf lives, even if all I have left
Are his words from three years passed.

I am here, at the precipice he spoke of
Doing more than contemplating the 'where to'

"I'll leave words under your door
Under the singing moon
Near the place where your feet pass
Hidden amongst winter holes"

I am here, still, in the choked distance
Coughing up those secrets we donated
To wistful eras and nameless hounds
That roam yet in winter, in solitude- sublime.

Time yet disburses its venomous poison
Eroding the cells that replenish with night
I beckon your voice one last time
Enough to tell me, "I hear you..."

It was not too long to be of any worth.

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