Monday, January 2, 2017


Send me there to your woodsy home
Overgrown with moss, loss and amulets of nature.
Let us brood over discoveries we learned too late
And of love that slipped vigorously away the further we reached.
...and the faster we ran.

No recompense to these great and cataclysmic epiphanies
Inner chiding burns deep into muscle, into tissue, into bone.
Wriggling into yet clean spaces flush with fresh oxygen
Where blood knew to run. In spite of movement,
...we sucked those corners dry.

I follow you armed with your recanting, your reminiscence, your drool.
Your brutally loud but soft cursing, echoes yet, in my vast array
Of collected notes and regaled alchemy.
So fuck you for this drought you drove to my feet
...your weary neck- destroyed.

Wrinkled defeat revealed the more powerful lesson
Perhaps, your intent on its teaching; snipped wings mourn nothing
Taking flight by alternative means. Spurs dug-in, wreaking results
Catapulted into a reasoning that will yield to my liking
...I laud your method, yet.

O bristling soul with airtight pores, locked in desperation
We can yet linger in our atelier of candles, brandy and bruising
Fucking the memory of what we misspent.
Meet me at the precipice of all your lost hopes
...daring to twist towards reform.

I am here, lessons learned, shirking the might of bold demons
Flagrantly pumping optimism out from every limb that yet listens
Articulated in wild caution, to leap when the ledge is highest.
Born to blast blood from banes that wouldn't die
...bowing never to vernacular omission.

In ode to your sorrow, your despair, your regret
Your greyed intellect grew diamonds in this cavern of thought
Misted uncertainty fraught with resignation and defeat
Gained no foothold here; I move ever upwards, to spite the soured lost.
...fucking negatives in my wake.

Strong this day and contemplating long on You.
That steppe that stole you whispers still, one last speck of curiosity
For the wonder and potential of what drew your affection toward Me.
I linger yet in your favor and for all my days into succession
...where X marked the spot on our map.

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