Wednesday, January 20, 2016


The dedicated drivel is rinsing itself off
The plumes of another era are finding the tongue
For brightest pluming.. brightest preening
Jutting out in a confident array
Of empowered restitution.

I am owed of myself to walk taller in the day
And lean longer into the relax of my evenings.
Acknowledgement of endeavors pursued
In that 'slow and steady' theory, that I have remained true to.
The neck that strains to see the light, finally stretched in alleviation.

The necessity of reinvention has threaded itself loosely
Effectively rooting in to the damage I have known and harbored
And strengthened the echoed empowerment of 'what could be...'
In diligence and permanence, I reach for the stronger sense of self
A leg-up in my intention, willingness and optimism.

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