Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Advent of Harmony...


The burn, uploading slowly
Grounded in the roots of richly moistened soil
No layover needed.
Matriculated in the disbandment of all 'rules of engagement'.
The baby and the bathwater are better behaved.
Selfish notions of tunnel vision
Crack the monochromatic perception; there is life here
There is life and there is love.


Exploratory paths are widening
As subtleties begin to roar.
Bright, rosy-warm skin cells are pushing forward
Bumping the grey coat of Winter to join the greyed ambiance of moments lost.

The advent of harmony cuddles my thoughts
As frequencies dilate and live-wires fuse
Verdant lands welcome clean feet upon blades of nourishing grass.
The motive here is that there is none.
Acknowledgment of the senses and their compensatory value
Bloat the vaults of satisfaction...

Comprehension gives birth to electricity
Whose energy charges all fuses in full.

The pocket of a well-kept secret, emptied.

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