Wednesday, January 20, 2016

...I have known

The braying of atonement is echoing less
Whispers crack, their meaning- disheveled
Mannerisms revolt as imminent revisions confer in dialectical whimsy.

I am kinder in my approach to attaining 'touch'.

They struck a truce, my willingness and my inhibition
To align muscles in the stoutest way possible for success to unfold 'organically'

The bag is made of burlap- tough and clean
Fabric built upon the ages I have known,
Threaded with the potent charms of courage & comprehension.

I am no longer wandering into life as a 'lair of uncertainty'

I am saying 'yes' to the magic of current promise-
'Yes' to the company of warmth and kindness
'Yes' to the muse of a confident cadence, playing freely without the dictates of arcane form.

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