Wednesday, August 10, 2016

No Names.

Turned, termed
Sand, sifted.
Gorge, indifferent
Metal nearby,
Decaying just the same.
Indelible- not the word,
But its meaning.
Stuck in that infinity
Where scent retires
And taste roams
And eventually - memory too,
Evaporating consciousness
Meaning dies.
Death really isn't death
Life in its meaning:
Live, laugh, then lie down
Making room for others
To spread and conceive.
Definitions, unknown
Science is the criteria
For what sticks.
No names.
Likeness, lost.
In the soil
Life, scuffing through
Burnt and endearing
In the blink of a moon
Skin too scuffs away
Life - floats on
Digging in land
For feet to plant in
For a moment
Plant, grow, sigh
Peek into dusk
Swallowing dew
The dawn has answers
For the well-rested.
Unscripted themes,
Dedicating love
To those of us that stood
On wings and shoulders
Ready to fly
When the night fell.

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