Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Ballad of the Useless...

I have been walking alone, a long time.
An ounce of closeness is too expensive
To interrupt this conscientious life.
In a blurry moment I might remember something sweet.

As sand washes platitudes from reckless pasts
My aging shoulders bear more weight
The sky widens as I tilt towards clouds
Seeking some tidbit of inexplicable beauty to tide me through.

Licentious times, this decade has steel fists
Claimed- a throat that squeaks for mercy
Who left the door to the devils idle fuck-ups
That came and tore holes into gladness that tried?

Tried hard to stem flows, trying harder still
To cage wretched wildness that never whispered of what a taming might do.
Ravaged at the nape, carving deep on the inside
The swollen tubes that once sung in honor of love

Their desolation swells daily at the disorientation of such destitution.
Fuck the traveler seeking answers
When that juggernaut of pain is always pouncing at the ready-
For this guard that's been too long down.

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