Tuesday, August 16, 2016

'...speak in this way?"

Today, the flaking of usefulness - purges.
What does it mean to speak in this way?
Where ink swirls around tongue twitching
Dropping everything but goodness
Onto the laps of any surface that will have it.

The listening is dense, dry- brutally manufactured.

There is a resurrection taking place, bound to fail
Toiling to beat hell for a time to return
When the liberty of happier pursuits might have lived
But, the disclaimer lives- driven in hard with energy fueled by facts

This 'supposed' time, sought out with conviction
Has profusely risen, error after error in designated haste

Due to the impenetrable truth that such a time
Ne'er existed. Not in this finite being's folklore.

That is not to say that happiness was not tasted.
It is simply the deduced reality that mine has been of a brand, obscure.

Even now, in sifting through what I think and feel
The choices I gather from my word bank
Fall short of the mark of what I want to convey.

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