Sunday, July 29, 2012


Away, I shift away and outwards
Away from my crutch
I untie all tethers, lunging upwards
Looking clearly into this unfocused focal
Damaging forever,
The will to travel back.

This is not one night off,
This is the now and never
The irrevocable divergence of 'enough'
Landing nowhere but here
In a column of trust that I built
Forever ago-
When the world was yet young.

A stumbled path of misshapen steps
Leading forward, towards my earned history
Debacle's and the deliquescing of humid concerns
I melt along with those well worn shoes
Heels of which are grated bare-
Raw enough, my liking.

Bitten in a memory,
Twine tied vociferously, layers of memory protrude
This is a gastric bypass of yesteryear's ingestion
Looking to blow without neglected periphery's being effected.
I loathe the acknowledgements
Cathartic though they be,
Progression in aggression is blatantly effective.

The boxing gloves are a part of me now
I've been wearing them since birth.
In the clearing I wish to see a new fighter
Carrying only one reminder;
These scars were earned and loved
For had there been an absence of action-
I'd of earned nothing but complacency,
A fate too poor for even the pauper.

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