Saturday, July 21, 2012


Imbued, candlelit text
Sharpening fervor, the darker the night
I comb away the tangle of the day
Smooth potential now revealed.
My pen is weightless, fueled by a flow
That ages each day as I do.
Within the sonnet there is a song and
Two words carry the meaning of many
Multitudinous insinuation as the eyes roam East.

Unblemished scroll unfolding neath malleable script
Naked eyelashes flutter as vision is revered;
That lense holds understanding that need not speak
And wouldn't, if not the ear demand its own due.
There is perfection in uncorrected dictation
I want to ease into the meaning of thoughts that
Must be read and ingested by virtue of true arrival
Authenticity has one opportunity to present itself

I will be docent to this time; truthful in context
Meaning will metamorphosize with mood,
May it remain protected by the unwavering ideal
That, 'To edit is to spoil'...

1 comment:

  1. Quiet moments in
    most serene enclaves
    of thought
    in there I cradle you
    closed eyes bring
    a kiss of clairity
    focus is evidence
    of profund inner vision
    heart set adrift
    on calm warm seas
    ahh remembrance
    smiles emerge
    as this dark continent
    begins roaring back to life
    no fantasies required
    fore it's truly
    the thought that counts