Saturday, July 28, 2012

Trek-in, Trek-out.

Simplicity is a fuckin' field mine
Who says perception is deluded?
Mind frame has long been spoilt
That ragin' brat of indecision wails on
Burrowing into the night
Slobber-driven and weak.
Obliterate, penetrate, ameliorate
I must short-circuit the thousand ears I have grown
Apply deafness to the squeaky wheels of ignorance
They seek to delay and derail even the minuscule
My crippled progress means nothing now,
Too hog-tied in my own coagulated waste.

..and I crave normal...
Though the definition of which lies dormant to my sense
A knowledge I'd die painfully to gain
Restricted still by my own indifference.
I am... nonsense.
I am a stagnating fuck-up of consequences
Drivelling in the perfection of all that I fucked-off.

Until the mood swings-
Where I am yet again, no longer the victim to be tied,
But the benevolent purveyor of secrets
That long to be whispered and learned...



I'm on my way.

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