Tuesday, July 5, 2016

June's End

Walking with weight- more than needed
Dump the bane that tries to trap me
Broken, behind me, minimized in the distance
Untangling these strands- meticulous
Devotion is the new habit.
Devoted to a pilgrimmage of positivity.
Hunting for sunshine and cool, beautiful breezes
To exfoliate the drudge of what need not apply.

*all I have learned.

I have propagated so much beuaty in my children.
How lucky am I to leave behind a legacy of four human souls.
How much farther will the branches of our DNA travel into the life yet lived.
Posterity is an awesome contemplation.
Blowing wind into the lungs of our offspring has ensured laughter for years to come.

Long live the lives we create, and the flow of emotional diversity.

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