Monday, July 18, 2016

Things To Look Past

Things to look past:

His status- deranged to be here, goading.
The air of that commitment- stifling.
The half-dozen + 1 structure-  impressive

What would a realignment incur
In the aftermath if, "I did"?

These slightly over-lapping worries
Have always turned a mental favor
A trick I am immune from attracting to

'Smashed up against
That blistering heat
The smell of whose build
Tumbles words onto linen
Where penstrokes smear and evaporate.
Streaks of ink
Pushed out of corners
As sharpest edges
Blur in momentum.
This tickling treaty
We have signed
Some eleventh grade year ago
When English  was mandatory
In the Land of Sixteen Candles.'

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