Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The New Order

Increments of time mean little
But what of the 'moment to moment'?
We live and breathe by the moments
The momentary bliss, heat, and horror
These are what erodes life.

"Act. Don't React" -they say...

Who the fuck art "they"?
As "easier said than done" slides in sideways.
What of those days,
When the box spoke freely- of its lust.

"Deliquescing frigidity as the body's Viceroy".

Do our 'Rights' mature as we age?
As limbs demand more while gravity pushes
Taking measure for measure,
What we require to sustain.

Time is an island- where no man can roam

We, instead, look over shoulder,
Rear-view, and recompense
All the pushed away luxuries that we ...swear...
We will keep.


Someday, when the night was young,
And gray hair was but a smirk.
Someday came, bringing longer nights
And singular body heat.

What rights do we now enlist for...

To bring back the giggle of a 3am 'fix'.
Rolling into hips of another
Taken into side-streets past midnight hours-
Leaping into that 2:32am down,
That, with eyes closed - even
We knew the cost of, the
'Tomorrow midday yawn"

"When Life and the Night were Young..."

I had only notions of a structured future
I had promised myself that my 'Someday'-would release me.
Release me into a sea of security
Of which my today has been building.

Find time for the 'someday' to be Now.

Today, let the 'someday' sneak in,
Let it allow you to snicker and sigh
To Taste, Moan, Tickle, and Love
All that the palms may press against.

Too long in the planning, the risk has errors.
Why trouble the potential of what we endeavor,
With unpredictable pause?
Coagulate. Stifle. Stilled. Stoned.

Stripped of past honors that we never gave.

See fit to engage the new 'moment',
Into a warm pocket lined with love.
Love without the loss that fear brings.
Love what may or may not come.

Love what we may not expect,
But find in our line-of-sight, on-a-dime.

There is no failure in the 'lightly we go' mentality.

I fear not at this juncture, the warm palm of possibility
As it trumps in infinite perfection,
The loss of what stays lost.
Time to put an end to the 'losing'.

Cognition- daily, if need be
In the event that we continue sucking old habits
As the new order of 'chance' dies out.

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