Saturday, July 30, 2016


Pretty hands to hold a heart in trust
A long winded battle, taking longer to confer
All the reasons and non-reasons...worth trudging on for.

Pick or rather choose your battles wisely, the saying goes.
Had they not chosen me to begin with-
Who would I be in my today?

Maturity brings lamplight lit longer
More willing to earn the understanding
For why we loom about when we do.

I linger longer than I have ever needed to

The blunt force of this trauma has labored...yet remained.

I am done repainting the bulls-eye, sewn deeply onto my back.
What I have done in order to alleviate the weight
Has been gloriously massive, respectable, commendable, and lifelong.

I trudged on in compassion, hope, optimism (though not without sadness)
And always, always, with the ardent wish
To forgive and adore when need be.

These lessons in life- we can learn and they can and will teach.
But we cannot conform to the fiendish cruelty
No matter the reasons behind why they manifested as they did.

Manifest Destiny applies to us all.
To our hopes, dreams, and well-developed skill-sets.
We are to cease when the dead horse bloats and reincarnates

Fuck that wicked, wild animal- swarming with maggots and pessimism.

There will be no further hauling down of hearts that yet yearn for the good..
Simply the case must be that love-songs should roam into uncharted lands
In the event they become abused in their 'now'.

Move on to risk, swap, and barter- your goodness for greatness.

The good fight is always worth a grand go.
Toss that spoiled milk yet rotting out to the gutter
Where its loss is long overdue.

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